Venue: A meeting room in a modern office block

Attendees: A group of different organisations representatives, all with

skill-sets which can add value to the meeting

Objective: To provide a solution to a challenge which may affect

company’s ability to win work, design a product,

Brainstorming can add significant value to a company, which can include

delivering the following:

 Discussing a challenge in detail in a meeting setting, knowing that a

key objective is to arrive at a solution which closes this out

 Raising dependencies, the realisation of which can improve delivery

for a project, product, service, etc.

 A collective collaboration which can lead to ideas from one

attendee, although in error inspiring another to suggest a solution

 A proposal for moving forward with an idea, with follow-on

suggestions to reach the objective

PP can provide suggestions, support and facilitation of brainstorming

workshops going forward.