Pinpoint Management Consultants

About Us

‘Up against it, need help & support?

Pinpoint are a management consultancy, created to address a clear deficiency in providing added value to business and project management. Pinpoint is led by a highly experienced project manager, who has managed projects up to £40million successfully, has provided active input to business development and whose main focus is in providing added value suggestions to modern businesses facing ever more complex challenges in executing their portfolios.

Pinpoint’s core values are based around proactive, lateral thinking, and the company will continually endeavour to instil these into key Client personnel, at both enterprise and organizational levels. In addition, Pinpoint’s enterprise management are undertaking ongoing professional training (BCS & PMI) to ensure clients have the added benefit the latest methods and practices available today, to supplement extensive industry experience.

About us at Pinpoint Management Consultants Ltd

Pinpoint’s core goal is to add value to a company, by providing specialist suggestions to promote an ongoing process of improvement, in partnership with its clients, such that companies feel confident going forward in a risk-aware environment. Pinpoint wish to develop ongoing, long term partnerships with their clients, such that each can depend upon a positive, constructive relationship, going forward, which include:

About us at Pinpoint Management Consultants Ltd

A joint mission to offer best-in-class service to end clients, governments, NGOs (as applicable)
Client-facing partnership, to offer customers options to meet their needs, improve flexible working to an ever-increasing requirement to be ‘adaptable’
Assistance in improving and harmonising key management processes
Pinpointing key challenges in analysing businesses and recommending key improvements
Online networking cross-referencing
Assistance in sourcing key management personnel

Pinpoint have an open-door policy to Clients – the consultancy relishes a challenge, and stands ready to work alongside the customer to ‘resolve it together.’