Training & Empowerment (1st 4 free taster guides)

Pinpoint Management Consultants presents a series of free tasters, in advance of presenting practical introductory guides, aimed at adding value to business’ strategic thinking. The tasters should be of interest to managing directors, newly promoted senior managers, newly appointed junior managers, supply chain managers, etc. The complete course of 12 guides will be posted on [...]

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Team building

Successful management depends upon good relationships between group members, such that there are opportunities to ‘gel’ and work efficiently and effectively as a team. Team building can work effectively within or outside the workplace, using mechanisms well-established but frequently not used as an opportunity on organisations. PP can provide suggestions which, through team-building techniques, can [...]

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In any business, its ability to perform satisfactorily for its owners is largely controlled by a key aspect of management: Risk. Risk is the ability to recognise and quantify uncertainty, such that this can be reduced (or ‘mitigated’). It is vital that risks are identified early enough in a project, supply chain, service or product [...]

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Skill Sets, Creating And Building

Having the right resources with the necessary skill-sets to work-win and then create products, execute projects etc. are among a business’ greatest assets. People are a business’s most valuable assets and key resources add value to any business within which they operate. People skills utilization are how businesses add value. Pinpoint can provide suggestions on [...]

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A key challenge in ensuring personnel such as employees, team members, supply chain members remain focused and efficient is through motivation. Effective motivation frequently requires people skills, which are in turn a core skill-set of any effective manager. Motivation tools include (for employee performance): recognition, reward, equality, engagement and empathy. PP can provide suggestions for [...]

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Interface Management

Successful businesses depend upon successful communication, and successful communication depends upon robust interface management. Communication is frequently the cause of accidents / LTIs, disconnects, unwanted and non-reimbursed costs due to re-work An interface is a process or individual where battery limits (boundary) interfaces or communicates with adjacent interfaces. Interfaces formal communications between individuals, companies, processes [...]

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Venue: A meeting room in a modern office block Attendees: A group of different organisations representatives, all with skill-sets which can add value to the meeting Objective: To provide a solution to a challenge which may affect company’s ability to win work, design a product, Brainstorming can add significant value to a company, which can [...]

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