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Pinpoint MC’s MODC

Pinpoint MC are a management consultancy who offer a unique Management Online Drop-in-Centre, we call it the MODC. Contact us for a “How it works” taster. Start using MODC and receive added-value support starting from today! Simply send us an email and we will endeavour to help you with our professional suggestions. We have a dedicated professional team that can help to add value, resolve challenges & move your business forward.

Pinpoint Management Consultants Ltd MODC

Do any of the following relate to your business needs? (listed below) Then do not hesitate to contact us today! Our team have extensive experience within several fields of business management. MODC has been created because it is unique. A management online drop-in-centre created for you and your business. Any questions or queries then contact us today to ‘get the ball rolling’.

  • Having problems winning bids, don’t know where to turn?
  • Business ‘bottlenecking’ – need some added value support?
  • Being challenged by clients to improve your business’s organization?
  • Need help to set up that new, larger project?
  • Are your business’s processes fit-for-purpose to support planned growth?
  • Just how robust is your strategic planning to support your business’s future?
  • Unable to afford the abortive costs of hiring a large consultancy?
  • Why not try a free consultation – your business may benefit.


Pinpoint MC, via MODC, offer diverse low cost tiered solutions for businesses. The company’s remit is diverse, but includes support for the following;

  • Strategic planning
  • Bid writing & reviews
  • Bid clarifications
  • Client relationship & development
  • Organizational development
  • Project start-ups
  • Project management
  • Resource planning
  • Cost control
  • Interface management

Pinpoint Management Consultants Ltd

MODC was set up aimed specifically at SMEs, where services may vary from a single suggested solution, to more traditional ongoing support.

This does not exclude larger companies from taking advantage of the services on offer.

Why should companies have to take high affordability risks, when a solution can be provided which is aligned to their commercial needs.

Pinpoint Management Consultants Ltd MODC

Contact the MODC today by simply filling out the form below to start and receive our professional services. We provide management solutions that have been proven to work. Pinpoint Management Consultants Ltd have the answers to help your company move forward. Together we shall achieve your goals.