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These include:

Project start-ups (setting up projects in a controlled, risk a)
Resolving project challenges affecting delivery
Assisting in setting up of PMS (Project Management Systems)
Resourcing plans, ensure that the ‘right people are in the right roles’
Planning – ensuring that schedules provide adequate definition to control projects going forward
Cost control – adding value by ensuring processes are as concise as efficient as possible to compare budget costs against actuals

Our Services at Pinpoint Management Consultants Ltd


The three elements for successful PM


The document (s) for defining what is to be done. Always agreed before contract amendment. PP can assist in reducing risk of scope scope, such that project remains on track with no unscheduled, uncosted additional scope which can severely influence a project team’s ability to succeed.


A plan or programme is critical to the successful completion of any project. The development of this essential tool, which provides guidance to a project team to deliver on time, requires simple, logical processes in order that this can be used for whatever design phase it may be applicable to. PP can assist in this development process, both in guidance on how to reduce risk, demonstrate to clients the capability of the company in preparing such deliverables, and in how to maintain it.


Cost is money, or more concisely, money spent and reclaimed from the Client.

Successful Cost Control understanding and oversight are critical skill-sets for all managers, as a business’s success is dependent upon it.

Pinpoint can provide suggestions to ensure that (for example) budgets are adequately defined and assigned, risks to the budget are recognized and control of a budget is maintained throughout a project, supply chain, sales drive etc. including any management of change process.

Our Services at Pinpoint Management Consultants Ltd


Project Management is a highly skilled profession, which, especially in today’s ever challenging business environments, requires motivated individuals, with a unique set of skill-sets.

Pinpoint has such individual resource available, and can add to it as the industry demands it. Services are varied and are generally matched to an individual organisation’s project needs. These include, but are not limited to, the following challenges:

Customer / Client relationships. These are critical to the success of a business maintaining and improving its order books, and to ensuring long term relationships.

Bid preparation / winning (incl. technical /commercial strategy). Businesses cannot be successful unless projects are won in the respective sectors in which they operate. PP can assist in improving levels of success by endeavouring to add value to bid processes.

Our Services at Pinpoint Management Consultants Ltd

Bid team / Project Team handover. A key challenge when a business is to embark on a new project, PP can assist in ensuring this handover between project phases is robust and adds value to projects going forward.

Project start-up. A key to project success is in ensuring adequate preparation and start-up. There are a number of processes / practices which can add significant value to this key process. PP are well conversant in these practices and will share these with customers to endeavour to improve bid-winning statistics.

Client-facing / stakeholder relationship. Building relationships with any Client is a key to the mutual success of any project. PP can provide key advice on how to set about this, including first meetings, gauging personalities, how to engage with a Client.

Subcontractor and vendor selection and management. Important for the successful delivery of any project, outsourcing work scope can benefit companies where speciality skills or resource load require additional support. PP can assist is search, selection and recruitment of these companies.

Our Services at Pinpoint Management Consultants Ltd

Project execution. This is the main phase in any new project, and subject to adequate preparation per start-up challenge above, involves key challenges to the success of the project. PP can provide tools and advice to ensure that projects are kept aligned on scope, schedule and budget.

Management of Change. Or Project Scope Management. The main challenge to the delivery of any project, MOC requires many key skill-sets which are fundamental to any project manager’s competence. PP can provide support and advice to endeavour to ensure that optimum value is gained from this opportunity.

Project close-out. ‘The last five per cent…’ as the saying goes. Closing out a project is important for any company, especially with a new client. A well-executed and well-closed out project is remembered by clients long after handover or a certificate of completion or final payment is made.

Pinpoint relish a challenge – give us a try.

Our Services at Pinpoint Management Consultants Ltd